Super Leaf111px-TDS Raccoon Mario

A Super Leaf is an item found in the game Super Mario Bros. 3. The item transforms Mario or Luigi into Raccoon Mario or Raccoon Luigi (respectively). As such, Mario or Luigi will grow raccoon ears and a raccoon tail. This tail has many functions. First, the tail can be twirled to attack nearby enemies. Second, if Mario or Luigi is in the air, he can descend slowly by wagging the tail. Third, Mario and Luigi can use the tail to hit a ? Block to make the block pop out. Lastly, if Mario or Luigi runs while wagging his tail, he will be able to temporarily fly.


  • Super Mario World, the Super Leaf was replaced with a similar item called the Cape Feather, that also allowed Mario and Luigi to fly (although in a different manner). The cape can be used in Super Mario Advance 4 via the e-reader accessory or in select e-reader levels it can be collected.
  • Like the tanooki suit, the Super Leaf is based on the Japanese mythology surrounding raccoon/dog-like animal known as the "tanuki".
  • The P-wing gives the same effect as the raccoon leaf with the exception of your p metter will remain filled for that round or until you have lost your raccoon form.