Not to be confused with Super Mario Bros: the Lost Levels which is the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros 2, this isn't actually a different game but rather unused levels found as part of junk data on the rom. These levels include 2 new enemies which never appeared in the game or anywhere else for that matter (outside of a few Rom_Hacks).

Level MapsEdit

Below are links to the maps for the 14 unused levels.

Smb3 lost01

Smb3 lost02

Smb3 lost03

Smb3 lost04

Smb3 lost05

Smb3 lost06

Smb3 lost07

Smb3 lost08

Smb3 lost09

Smb3 lost10

Smb3 lost11

Smb3 lost12

Smb3 lost14

Smb3 lost15

New EnemiesEdit

In 2 of the levels, these 2 enemies are found. Both are stronger versions of existing enemies. They are the Gold Cheep Cheep Smb3 gcheep ani and the Green Parabeetle Smb3 gparabeetle ani.

Unused MinigamesEdit

The Japanese Rom also included portions of unused minigames.

Smb3 bonus1Smb3 bonus2

There were also some sprite which never made it into the game that may have been directly intended for these games.Smb3 lostsprites02

Smb3 lostsprites01

Unused In-game spritesEdit

These sprites look like they may have been intended to be part of Vehicles Smb3 lostsprites04a Smb3 lostsprites05