Some Usual Day is a very Extensive Hack of Super Mario Bros 3 essentially creating an all new game.

Power-up SystemEdit

The Power up system has been revamped. There are only Raccoon leafs mushrooms and fire flowers and green mushrooms, and stone caps in game now.

Fire flowersEdit

Fire flowers no longer are seperate powerups but act rather as a suplemental poweups allowing you to use the powerup with anything. You can now have fire power even if small.

Frog SuitEdit

The frog suit is the only suit still in the game and it's extremely rare (you get it once as an item in the game)

Green Mushrooms and CoinsEdit

No longer act as 1-up, but rather give you a random item

Stone CapsEdit

Stone caps give you invincibility but in addition give you the ability to go through lava and stomp things similar to the tanuki stomp power

New EnemiesEdit

The Game has several new enemies most of which are reinventions of previous enemies.

Kirby's AdventureEdit

  • Bomber- replaces the bobomb
  • Bronto burt - similar to para beetle
  • Spiny- replaces spiny


  • Flying Metroid- similar to fire chomp
  • Ground metroid- similar to fire snake


  • bago-bago the skull fishes from Zelda 2, these act like cheep cheeps
  • Phanto- acts like a rotodisc


  • Cemetary boos, similar to the eeries of Super Mario World
  • Crazy chained boo acts like a chomp, is tethered to a place, similar to souls in the anime Bleach
  • Crazy jumpin boo jumps around really fast, quite dangerous

Special CoinsEdit

Finally there are special Specialcoin and super special Superspecialcoin coins used to unlock an extra world in the game. Interestingly New Super Mario Bros 3 uses a similar system to unlock levels in a 9th world using ace coins.


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